For the love of shakespeare

Don't you just love Shakespeare?

Every time I read (or re-read) one of his plays the beauty of his wordcraft takes my breath away.

To celebrate our school Shakespeare festival (runs during April - the month of his birth and death) I created these beautiful posters.

There are 37 of them.  One for each of his plays.

I have taken a line (some famous, some not) from each play so we have 37 moments of Shakespeare inspiration.

We are going to pin these up around of school and challenge our students to remember as many of them as they can.

If they can recite one to me, then they will get some house points.

These posters are up on my TPT store Literature Daydreams and cost less than 50c a piece.

To sweeten the deal here is one image totally for free.  Just print and enjoy!

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